Thursday, February 27, 2020

One of the most acknowledged artists, Tony Cragg Essay

One of the most acknowledged artists, Tony Cragg - Essay Example The essay "One of the most acknowledged artists, Tony Cragg" discusses the Tony Cragg's career in arts and visual communication and analyzes his work, philosophy, and interactions with the wider society. Tony Cragg started his career in Britain as a laboratory assistant. His main duties in the laboratory involved testing, manipulating and developing various categories of rubber. Cragg took these duties while he was still an art student and therefore he utilized his artistic skill in all experiments that he conducted. Using his drawing techniques, he was able to express his experiment to an understandable level. His background in science is also considered to have contributed to his imagination and creativity. In 1970, Cragg joined the Wimbledon College of Art before he proceeded to the royal college in London. After completing his studies at Wimbledon, Cragg moved Wuppertal in Germany where he continued with his work in visual art. While in Germany Cragg utilized found materials such as broken glass, toys, plastics and metal pieces to produce his works. In 1980, tony Cragg began using bronze and iron as his major artistic materials. He also used other materials such as wood, polystyrene, and steel to cast bronze and iron. Due to complexities in his work, Cragg preferred producing all his sculptors using his own hands. Cragg had a team of assistants who assisted him with his daily work and requirement in his studio. His early forms took from his experiences and encounter with experimental work.

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